Media Relations

“We understand how the media work…”

An essential part of any PR and communications consultancy is understanding how the media operate, recognizing what makes a story newsworthy, and knowing what makes a journalist tick.

ECCL is not just a project management company. We do not tick boxes for the sake of ticking boxes. We bring real experience to our clients. Our key people have over 25 years experience in dealing with local, national and international media and other stakeholders. We understand how the media work, what they require and when they require it. ECCL can provide a full press office function for clients. These include:

  • Drafting and distribution of press materials
  • Advising clients on timing and formatting of media events
  • Responding to media requests
  • Briefing target media to secure coverage
  • Organising and managing photocalls
  • Handling crisis management situations

Our team includes members who have worked in some of Ireland’s top newspapers and who have worked with Irish and international PR consultancies.