Donegal Firm to Create 90 jobs over the next 2 years

Six Facilities Planned Across Ireland

Donegal firm, Connective Energy Holdings Limited, has announced 90 jobs over the next two years, in their new state of the art bio gas production facilities around Ireland.

Connective Energy Holdings Limited is a specialist bio energy producer, producing renewable energy – biogas for power generation / vehicle fuel and carbon dioxide, for the food and drinks industry, via anaerobic digesters. The first of 6 anaerobic digestion facilities is at construction stage at Glenmore Estate in Aghaveagh in Co Donegal and will provide 15 full time jobs when commissioned this year. A further two facilities one in County Down and one in North County Dublin will also be built this year and three more next year meaning 6 facilities commissioned, employing up to 90 people across the island of Ireland within the next two years.

Each anaerobic digestion facility will take in around 90,000 tonnes of organic material such as farm slurry, poultry litter and manure and convert this material into biogas to be used as a fuel and CO2, used in the food and drinks industry. What remains after the process is a clean, nutrient rich compost that is safe to handle and can be used in gardens or spread on farm land or on forestry as a sustainable soil enricher.

Speaking at the announcement of these 90 jobs Mr Brendan McSorley, Development Manager of Connective Energy Holdings Limited said that “these anaerobic digesters will each produce enough biogas to run a 4 MW power plant – enough to power over 1,700 homes via renewable energy. As the CO2 will be removed and recycled as a food product, the biogas used as a fuel and the remaining clean organic fertiliser material used as a soil conditioner, this means that the process is very environmentally friendly as it recycles all of the material it takes in.”