Kieran O’Byrne

Managing Director

Kieran leads the ECCL Team. He is an experienced public relations and communications practitioner with over 25 years working in top Irish PR consultancies and global communications firms. His areas of communications experience include broader PR and environmental communications for companies in the corporate, technology, environmental, exploration and mining, chemical, petroleum, manufacturing, healthcare and sustainability areas. He has hard-earned experience in crisis and issues management, including product recalls, job losses, court cases, company closures, stakeholder engagement and environmental issues. He has trained senior executives for stakeholder engagement and media interviews.

He holds a Masters degree in Science (Zoology) and prior to working in PR, worked with the Central Fisheries Board. He is also the current Chairman of Birdwatch Ireland, the largest Environmental NGO in Ireland.

Kieran’s background in science, coupled with his environmental and technology knowledge, gives him a unique understanding of complex processes and practices in the science, technology, mining, exploration, energy, ecology and environmental area. He has a proven ability, to not just understand these complicated processes, but to also translate these complex methods and procedures, into English.

Areas of Expertise

Environmental Communications
Broad PR
Crisis Management
Media Training

Contact Kieran

Tel: 00 353 1 1234567
Mobile: 00 353 1 1234567