The Environment is Different

The communications challenges around projects which have a real or perceived environmental impact require specialist advice and support.

PR and Communications around projects with a real or perceived environmental impact require specialist advice from Environmental Communications Consultants Limited (ECCL).

Communications around the environment is very different to all other areas of strategic communications. It requires an understanding of the complex issues concerning the natural environment and ecosystems as well as the specialist skills required to communicate about complex and challenging projects. ECCL is the only communications consultancy in Ireland that has the specific knowledge, skillset and experience to help you engage with your audiences around any environmental concerns.

We understand science. We understand technology. We understand the environment. We have over 25 years of experience in communications, both internal and external. We can communicate to your stakeholders – whoever they may be.

Whether you are involved in a major construction project, planning for a new development, looking for applications or licences, or you simply want to get your message to your audiences regarding your environmental impact, effective engagement with stakeholders is an absolute priority. Failure to plan and execute a strategic communications plan at an early stage, especially with projects having an actual or perceived environmental impact, can delay or even sound the death knell for a project.

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